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Mission Statement

At Merryvale, we have created a new kind of wedding venue: one that is dedicated to the highest quality service at the most reasonable prices available.


We believe that every couple deserves a dream wedding and that it should be at a reasonable price.  We are committed to providing the highest quality service regardless of your budget.


Simply put... you should expect AMAZING and at Merryvale you will get it!


We don't cut corners or quality in our efforts to meet or exceed your expectations.


Here are some other reasons to choose Merryvale!


1. We believe in that same price year round for the "DIY" basic day rental fee and include lots of great stuff!


2. We are the first Austin Wedding Venue to offer "All-Inclusive Ceremony & Reception Packages." And that doesn't mean our version of all-inclusive it means yours! We take the time find out what is important to you and then we build your perfect package.


3. Every package includes a "Wedding Concierge" and 30 day out planning. Plus we will oversee every detail to ensure you leave happy!


4. Financing a wedding is really difficult these days but we have solved that too. Merryvale offers a "Pay As You Go" wedding financing with no interest.

Sandy Mann owner of Merryvale

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13801 Carpenter Lane  |  Manchaca, TX 78652

sandy@austinweddingsmerryvale.com  |  512-496-9640 


Sandy  is involved in every area of your wedding experience from planning and coordinating to creating bouquets and decorating the set. She is always available for conversation so feel free to call her!


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